What is this?

Sometimes in life you need a change. Something different to set yourself in a more positive direction, to shake up the normal routine, or maybe to follow a life long dream. I’m Kalinda and I just decided to leave my school, drop everything, and go to India to intern and volunteer [and for the record, I had this dream way before the whole Eat Pray Love thing ;) ]. Why would I do such a crazy thing you ask? Well the answer is simple, I wanted change. Society gives us this idea about how your life is supposed to look as well as a timeline/map you are supposed to follow. You know what? I don’t fit on that timeline and where I want to go isn’t exactly on that map. Nope, I’ve got my own course charted and I am setting out for the horizon and not looking back. Sure, it is a bit scary and yah things are going to be tough but I am tired of going through motions that don’t fulfill what I want out of life simply because everyone says life needs to go in a certain order. Besides big risks mean big rewards, right? So follow me on my adventures to far away places, meet new people, see some pretty things, and get a dose of the path that I decided to make for myself. Come get lost in wanderlust.

6 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Hi, I hope you are doing well in India. We talked last week about Chai Tea and Cappuccino! I wanted to share a link with you to upload your blog. The site is Expats blog -http://www.expatsblog.com/blogs/submit

    Take care,


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