So it Begins!

This year my New Year celebrations were a little different but I suppose that new beginnings call for a different type of celebration. Instead of going out and having some fun with friends I was visiting with family who I won’t see for about 5 or 6 months. Sounds a bit boring but I actually really enjoyed myself just hanging out and making some rad melted crayon art with my sister and cousin. I woke up on the 1st and packed everything in my suitcase before heading out to the airport. It was really weird because out of all the traveling I have done, this was the hardest journey for me to make. I have traveled alone and flown alone before but something was different this time. As soon as I stood in line waiting to go through security it hit me: “I’m going to India for 5 months.” I would be lying if I didn’t freak out a little on the inside and tear up a little when I said good bye to my dad. Stuff just got real. But I mean there was no way I was going to let some pre journey jitters ruin my adventures.

My Visa, woo hoo!

My Visa, woo hoo!

A couple of things to keep in mind about international travel that I didn’t really know/maybe you would want to know…

1. They start boarding really early. I thought I was on time for my flight but I actually got there right as they were calling for last call.

2. Your carry on has to be a certain weight. Usually I just pack all the heavy stuff in my carry on so my checked bag won’t go over but this time the carry on had to be checked too…oops.

3. Unless you plan on sleeping the entirety of the flight (mine was 15 hours…aka not really possible) I would recommend the aisle seat. I sat by the window like I normally do and just didn’t feel right waking the guy next to me to stretch my legs.

4. If you have the chance to fly Emirates Airlines do it. The flight attendants are extremely polite and there is a bunch of free games, music, movies, and TV shows on your own little television to keep you occupied. Plus a super cool feature is the flight camera which allows you to see your flight pattern or a birds eye view of the horizon or ground. Another cool detail about the airplane are the little light up dots on the ceiling that look like stars and constellations. So cool, right? (Also, a little side note, I am low-key obsessed with the flight attendant outfits, they are by far the cutest ones I have ever seen.)

Anyways, needless to say 15 hours was quite a long time to sit on a plane but fortunately I survived thanks to lots of snacks, stretching, music and a movie or two. Now I’m in Dubai waiting for my connecting flight (another 8 hours of sitting and waiting, oh boy!) to Mumbai and I have to say I wish I was able to visit Dubai in my short time here. It is miserable to be sitting in the Dubai airport and not being able to leave or explore. I can’t complain too much thought because the airport is not only very clean, but is also probably one of the nicer airports I have ever been in. I mean even the clocks on the walls are Rolex. I can’t imagine that a city with an airport like this isn’t just incredible. Maybe my next adventure perhaps?


5 thoughts on “So it Begins!

  1. Your eyes weren’t the only ones to tear up!the reality of your leaving didn’t set in for me until you were in line at the security check point. Just the same I am excited and proud of you. Enjoy the adventure.

    • Thank you for checking out the blog and yes everything is great! Just very busy with my internship and adjusting to everything but so far I am really enjoying India.

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