Scary Gatecrasher Kitty

Happy India Republic Day everyone! I will post later about my day but first I want to tell a quick story that was not only funny but further strengthened the idea that while a certain thing may be normal in one culture, it may be very different in another.

Today I went to a school building to see the hoisting of the Indian flag and hear speeches about how far the country has come and what a bright future India holds among other things. Well during the speech a little visitor paid a visit to the festivities as well. While one of the teachers was giving a speech, a stray orange tabby cat creeped into the crowd meowing as it wove behind the group of sitting students and under the chairs of seated adults. At first people tried to ignore the incessant meowing but that cat would not let up. Finally everyone in the back began to look around for that pesky cat and the school children began hushed giggling. It didn’t take too long before one woman noticed it was below her chair. Leaping up with a small screech, she quickly backed away. Note all of this happened while there was still a serious speech going on. Finally a man came over grabbed the cat by the scruff and took him around the back of the school building. The speeches could be resumed and the formality of the situation returned. However, not long after that dang cat returned yet again.

This time he wasted no time and went back over to the lady who had shrieked before, this time she jumped up and went all the way to a new row of chairs to get away. This cat meant business. It continued mewing and leisurely strolling down the central aisle, with students staring and laughing from both sides. Finally it decided that it wanted the attention of one girl in particular. With a quiet gasp she jumped up and backed away from the space where she was once sitting. That poor cat just kept looking up at her with nonstop meows loudly cutting into another speech. It wasn’t until the cat started to make its way further down the aisle that a boy scooped it up and went out to the front gate to throw him out. Poor party crashing kitty, it just wanted a piece of the Republic Day celebrations too.

For me, this whole experience was quite funny. Not only was this stubborn cat funny in of its self, but where I am from no one is scared of a stray cat. I would like to think that in the US it would be pitied and sent to a shelter or unfortunately, kicked out of the way. Here people just don’t mess around with animals, and honestly I guess I don’t blame them. Here feral really means feral and that stray dog or cat probably has a number of diseases and doesn’t know how to react around humans. So while the scary kitty wasn’t foaming at the mouth or anything, who knows what that cat was capable of.

I’ll post more on Republic Day and “catching up posts later. For now I’m off to enjoy the last bit of sunshine and see a Bollywood film!


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