A Loner and Some Iced Tea

This Sunday I had the day off and I was feeling a little bored so I decided to go back to the last day of the Kala Ghoda festival to kill time and go play tourist. I mean after I got there I felt pretty lame and so out of touch. Where as last time I felt like I belonged in Mumbai, today I just felt so out of it.  I was just another Westerner, just like every other one that passed me. The huge difference in my feelings now as opposed to just a couple of days ago made me feel weird, out of place, and like I could really use some familiarity to get grounded. I just felt really alone and possibly a little homesick. The weird thing is, in that moment I could only think of one thing nearby that could bring me closer to home. As strange as it sounds, I went to Starbucks.

This is the very first Starbucks that opened in Mumbai.

This is the very first Starbucks that opened in Mumbai. It looks a little different now because the seating has changed a little but it really does look this awesome and cozy.

Now I am not a huge coffee lover (love the taste but I really don’t want to get addicted) but I love getting the iced teas and refreshers at Starbucks. While the menu here in Mumbai is a little different than back at home, I can’t deny how familiar it was to say “Grande green tea lemonade light ice light sweetner, please.” Who knew that such a commercialized thing would bring a little piece of home back to me? A lot of people argue that local coffee is better, and I tend to try and go local but sometimes, like in that moment, I just needed my Starbucks fix. It wasn’t as good as sitting down to a family meal, snuggling with my dog, or playing Wii with my sister but I’ll take what I can get. And I was surprised about how much that little piece of something I knew, made me feel better about feeling distanced and alone. So props Starbucks, I owe ya one.

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